If you are just starting out or even established, you probably have your day-to-day clients; brides & grooms, event planners, special occasions etc. They hear about you from word-of-mouth or see an ad you did on a website or magazine somewhere or maybe a walk by if you have a retail storefront. They are your first-line of clients and business.

What about all the people that attend their events? They are in photos you take and probably thought the event was probably fun, meaningful, and something they want to remember. What about all the people they know? They are a captive audience. They are your potential clients.

Get ready to maximize your selling potential. Imagine creating special pricing and packages for the bridal party, the guests, the sports team and the fans?

  • Unique password/login for your front line clients to access galleries, view, select, purchase online.
  • Dedicated link to give special gallery viewing, selection and purchase access to your event attendees.
  • Social media options so clients and event guests can post, share and comment on images from your website and broadcast your work for you.

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Monday, February 19, 2018


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