All packages include a FREE simple, clean & professional branded website with your own domain name. We give you the platform and ready to go page templates to let your images be the star focus. You customize and create your own content with no coding required. Display your photos in custom galleries you create for each event or client so they are easy to find. Feature slideshows to tell a story and create impact and showcase more of your work. Allow for comments & social media sharing to get the conversation and sharing going.


Feel free to use your own tools, or use ours. As soon as you upload your photos you can proof images and view in sepia, colour or black& white, you can enlarge or crop, do side-by-side comparisons or full-screen enlargements. goPIXit stores your original images, not just the thumbnail so any modifications that you make, are made directly to the original image uploaded and stored for easy access, better viewing and more sharing.


Part of running a successful business is being able to know what’s working and what isn’t so you can test new offerings, adapt & optimize for improvement and efficiency. Track & monitor sales, repeat customers, lapsed customers, orders & shipments, packages & promotions. Create user friendly reports that summarize activity over a designated period of time so you know if you need to adjust prices, offer a new promo, reward or remind a return or lapsed customer. Data and reports collected also may your taxes a whole lot easier to do as all information is categorized appropriately.



Do more for your business and for your clients by offering them an extensive selection of prints & packages to choose from. You just select and click to create custom packages and offerings. It makes it easy to offer more and sell more.


You can help make each event really memorable by offering special, unique & fun merchandise. Create a special offering for all event guests, the bridal party or the winning team. Choose from our selection or add your own.


Everyone loves a coupon. In no time at all you can create your own coupons or promotions. Offer flat rate discounts or %off for new or return customers. Create seasonal or event specific promotions to encourage product upsell and drive sales.


We give you the framework for all printing options that includes base costs and you determine your market price. It’s simple. It’s your business, they are your clients and your photos, so you sell them for whatever you want and change them whenever you want. goPIXit even allows you to create multiple price-lists so you can offer different prices to specific galleries (i.e. charge more for wedding pics and less for say a sports event that you shot.)

Now where do we make money? Good question. Depending on the package you choose it varies, scroll down and see the pricing chart for all details. Across all packages we take a small % commission off of what you sell. So if you don’t sell, we don’t take the commission. The commission rate decreases as the package increases. On the 2 larger packages, we take a small annual administration fee however the bells and whistles increase on the PRO Package!


Orders & customer payments are instantly automated and managed and received through integrated shopping cart functionality, merchant account and Paypal. How do you make money? Well, you set your own prices, so that’s your call. You get paid every 2 weeks! We can manage transactions for you or you can manage with clients directly. You get notifications and updates so you can review, approve and track all orders. Nothing gets by us.


Printing photos can be a little personal. We know. So we have some amazing lab partners that we work with and we’re happy to share. You can select them through the back-end system or by all means use your own.


We don’t make it complicated. It doesn’t have to be. You select the shipping option that you want, we take care of the rest. You get a notification from us that the order has been shipped.


We are in the photography business too. We built goPIXit out of our own need, and we actually use it. We want you to know that we are here and we have a team to support you along the way. Don’t be shy. If you have a question, concern, want advice on selling & marketing best practices and tools – we’re here to help – phone, email, anytime.



If you are just starting out you may not know how much space you need. If you are already established, maybe you do know. Either way we have 3 packages to meet your needs and ensure you don’t run out of bandwidth. They start at 1GB (about 2500 images) and go to UNLIMITED (that’s unlimited images). So you can keep shooting, keep uploading, keep selling. Try any of the packages for FREE and also get a FREE branded website.


Nobody want’s their business messed with, nobody. We take it seriously and take steps needed to help ensure that can’t happen and doesn’t happen. Gallery password protection option, so only those with access can view, select, purchase. Create custom watermarks for all of your photos and right click & image menus disabled puts a stop to any tampering. Multiple online back-up of files with 99.9% server uptime ensures reliability and safety so you never lose your work. Safe & secure payment options are through integrated shopping cart functionality with merchant account and Paypal.



Anyone at one of your events is a potential customer, so take advantage of it. Give event attendees the opportunity to view your great photos and purchase images and merchandise from the fabulous event they were at. Unique password/login for your front line clients to access galleries, view, select, purchase online. You can create and provide dedicated links to give special gallery viewing, selection and purchase access to your event attendees. Expand your audience and increase your selling potential.


Social media is all about broadcasting where you are, what you are doing and with whom. It’s a picture paradise so make it work for you. Websites include social media options so your clients and event guests can post, share and comment on images from your website and broadcast your work for you.


We have 3 options. You can try any of the options for FREE to see what you need. If you try one and find that you need more space because you are a selling machine, no problem. All options come with a FREE branded website. So come on, get going.

Integrate goPIXit back-end storefront
Track, monitor & custom reports
Annual fee $0 $59.00 $139.00
Commission fee 18% 14% 10%
Storage space 1 GB
(approx. 2500 images*4MB)
20 GB (approx. 50,000 images) UNLIMITED
Maximum image size 50 MB 50 MB 50 MB
Advertising & Spam none none none
Completely user friendly
Sell print, merchandise and downloads – choose from extensive list
Package creator (single and multi-pose)
Custom coupon & promotion creator
Custom pricelist creator, multi-pricelist capability
Multi-level galleries
Auto-size resolution to fit any display
Incredible full-screen enlargements
Sepia, Colour and Black & White Previews
Custom cropping tools
Vivid slideshows
Use a goPIXit lab
Use your own lab
goPIXit manages all transactions
Integrated shopping cart functionality with merchant account & Paypal
Receive payments directly from your customers
Social Media Booster (Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest)
Unique password/login – for clients
Dedicated link allocation - for gallery viewing, purchasing by event guests
Gallery password protection option
Custom watermarks
Right click & image menus disabled
Multiple online back-up of files
99.9% server uptime
Exceptional customer care
Fast & reliable
Sell on both the goPIXit site and your own site
Become a featured photographer on the goPIXit site
Become searchable on the goPIXit site

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