Hi. I’m Garry, and I have a photography studio in Toronto. We specialize in graduation, special events & weddings. Our team strives to provide the highest level of quality and care to our clients. goPIXit was created out of my own business need. We’re busy booking sessions, meeting clients, shooting, printing and fulfilling orders trying to just run and grow a business.

I decided enough was enough. I needed a clean, strong & simple, branded online presence for the studio and a better way to manage my time, our clients time. I was spending a lot of time having multiple meetings with just one client, and spending hours putting together packages, promotions with no way of knowing what was really working or not and if it was making me any money. Does this sound familiar to you? My guess is yes, it does.

It’s my photography business, I wanted to stay in control of my offering, my prices, but I knew I needed help to kick it up a few notches on the business side of things. So, we put our business hats on, rolled up our sleeves and got down to it.

It was important that whatever we were going to develop & use be super easy no matter what your technical savviness. It needed to be down-right affordable to even make sense. I mean come on right? We’re photographers, not surgeons. It needed to be seamless and integrate effectively with my existing business. It needed to provide a range of customizable and secure marketing & sharing tools with enough bandwidth to do it in so I’m not always starting from ground zero or running out of space. I really wanted an effective process to be able to offer more relevant services to more clients and grow my business organically without having to pound the pavement or knock on doors.

Does this make sense? I hope so. So, here it is. goPIXit. I use it for my photography studio business. I thought it would work for you too.

I hope you use it, try it out – I mean it’s free to start right? I’d love to get your feedback, your ideas so we ensure goPIXit helps you and other photographers do more - sell more, share more, make more.

Thanks, Garry.

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Thursday, February 22, 2018


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